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BRASILIA Air Jordan 12 Shoes For Sale , June 30 (Xinhua) — Luis Suarez has publicly apologized to Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini and vowed to never again bite an opponent.


The Liverpool forward was banned from all football-related activities for four months after being found guilty of biting Chiellini during Uruguay’s 1-0 victory over Italy in their World Cup Group D match on June 24.


The sentence followed bans of seven and 10 matches issued to Suarez for the same offence in 2010 and 2013.


Having shied away from an international media frenzy over the past week, Suarez broke his silence on Twitter on Monday.


“After several days of being home with my family, I have had the opportunity to regain my calm and reflect about the reality of what occurred Air Jordan 13 Shoes For Sale ,” the statement said.


“Independent from the fallout and the contradicting declarations that have surfaced during these past days, all of which have been without the intention of interfering with the good performance of my national team, the truth is that my colleague Giorgio Chiellini suffered the physical result of a bite in the collision he suffered with me.


“For this I deeply regret what occurred. I apologize to Giorgio Chiellini and the entire football family. I vow to the public that there will never again be another incident like this.”


Chiellini replied to the 27-year-old by urging FIFA to reassess the severity of the penalty Air Jordan 11 Shoes For Sale , which also includes a nine-match ban from competitive international matches.


“It’s all forgotten. I hope FIFA will reduce your suspension,” he said in a tweet to Suarez.


The Uruguayan Football Federation, which has launched an appeal against the ban Air Jordan 1 Shoes For Sale , was not immediately available for comment on Monday.


While the sentence was widely applauded by the international media, it drew heavy criticism in Uruguay.


The national team’s captain, Diego Lugano Air Jordan Shoes For Sale , said Suarez’s human rights had been breached while President Jose Mujica also voiced his opposition to the “unjust” punishment.


By Muhammad Tahir


ISLAMABAD, Jan. 24 (Xinhua) — Pakistan has frozen bank accounts of hardliner group”Jamaat-ud-Dawa”(JuD) as part of the country’s move to block funding to militant outfits.


A spokesperson for the foreign ministry Tasnim Aslam publicly confirmed the decision at her weekly briefing on Thursday amid Pakistan’s efforts to implement a national anti-terrorism plan.


Although the foreign ministry linked the freezing of the JuD’s accounts to an earlier UN decision, it is the first time that Pakistan officially made it public.


The UN Security Council had listed Jamaat-ud-Dawa as an alias of the outlawed Lashkar-e-Taiba militant group. India and the United States insist Lashkar-e-Taiba was behind the 2008 deadly attacks in central Mumbai.


Choking financing for terrorists and terrorist organizations is part of the 20-point “National Action Plan” Air Jordan 12 For Sale , or NAP, announced days after a group of heavily armed Taliban militants killed 140 children and 10 staff members of an army-run school in Peshawar on Dec. 16.


As the Pakistani authorities are now serious about implementing the NAP, they are also taking action to block foreign funding to the militant groups. Officials believe outlawed armed groups had been receiving funding through illegitimate overseas banking channels.


The government informed the Senate Standing Committee on Finance this month that more than 1 billion rupees worth of accounts (about 16.3 million U.S. dollars) of banned organizations had been frozen in Pakistan in order to implement the UN resolutions on curbing terrorist financing.


Officials say they are now effectively dealing with all domestic and international flows of funds to suspected terrorist entities in accordance with an anti-money laundering law. Pakistan is also obliged to curb terrorist financing to meet its international obligations.


Officials also say Pakistan is trying to meet international standards with its present laws by obstructing terrorist financing Air Jordan 13 For Sale , as the international community could otherwise declare the country as high-risk and non-cooperative, as regards the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) on anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing (AMLCFT).


Curbing funding to terrorists will be part of the national plan and Finance Minister Ishaq Dar presided over a meeting of senior officials to discuss “ways and means to choke finances for terrorists and terrorist organizations,” the finance ministry said.


Officials believe that the “hawala and hundi Air Jordan 11 For Sale ,” an informal system of transferring money, had been a source of funding to militant groups in Pakistan. People can transfer money through this non-banking channel without records being kept. No one except those who transfer and receive the money know about the transaction. “Hawala and hundi” system had previously been common in northwestern parts of the country that had badly been affected by violent extremism, but Pakistan has to a large extent curbed this system and efforts are continuing to strictly monitor all such illegal channels.


Pakistan is also actively involved in discussions with other countries Air Jordan 1 For Sale , especially the Gulf states, to help in curbing terrorist financing by closely monitoring the transfer of money through illegal channels.


Dar said there is a need to promote legal channels for transferring money within and from outside the country that he said will also help to completely discourage illegal channels and non-banking systems. Officials are also concerned over drug- trafficking, which is also thought to be a potential source of terrorist funding.


Pakistan will also have to address the proper training and knowledge of their law enforcing personnel to track and investigate terrorist financing channels.


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As President-elect Donald Trump stood onstage during the debut night of his “thank you” tour and teased that he was about to announce a surprise Cabinet pick Nike Air Max 2018 Sale Clearance , some in the Ohio crowd bellowed: “No Romney! No Romney!”


Trump’s administration selections have largely been cheered by close allies and supporters. Many have deep ties to Washington and Wall Street that would seem contradictory to the populist, outsider campaign Trump ran with a promise to “drain the swamp” of corruption and elitism in government.


But the possible selection of Romney, who has been on Trump’s shortlist for secretary of state despite being a forceful critic throughout the campaign, has been met with trepidation from many of the working-class voters that propelled the Republican to his astonishing victory.


Kim Doss loudly cheered Trump at the Cincinnati rally but will not forgive Romney, the 2012 Republican nominee Nike Air Max 2017 Sale Clearance , for the “witch hunt” he held “to make sure Trump wasn’t the nominee.”


“I think he went out of his way to make that happen, which totally backfired on him,” said Doss, a 46-year-old accountant from Hebron, Kentucky. “He obviously said some really ugly things about (Trump).”


Some of Trump’s most prominent allies Nike Air Max 95 Sale Clearance , including his campaign manager, have taken the unprecedented step of using national television interviews to bash Romney. And nearly a dozen Trump backers who attended the Ohio victory lap vehemently denounced Romney as a choice to be the nation’s top diplomat.


Then there’s the Russia twist: Russian politicians are concerned about reports that Trump would even consider Romney as secretary of state because of Romney’s harsh stance on Russia. Trump has said he would like to improve U.S.-Russian relations.


Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with the NTV channel that Trump’s business accomplishments show him to be a “smart man.”


He added that “if he is a smart man, that means that he will fairly soon become aware of a different level of responsibility. We expect that he act with these considerations in mind.”


Rally-goer Josh Kanowitz said he was willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt for some of his establishment-friendly picks — including former Goldman Sachs partner Steve Mnuchin for Treasury secretary — but he visibly recoiled at the suggestion that Romney would be a team-of-rivals style selection from Trump.


Romney, the GOP’s 2012 president nominee, eviscerated Trump in a March speech Nike Air Max 90 Sale Clearance , delivering broadsides against the New York businessman who he deemed “a con man” and “a fake.”


“His domestic policies would lead to recession,” said Romney. “His foreign policies would make America and the world less safe. He has neither the temperament nor the judgment to be president and his personal qualities would mean that America would cease to be a shining city on a hill.”


Unlike many establishment Republicans, Romney never wavered in his opposition to Trump during the campaign and did not reveal whether he voted for him. Despite that, Trump, who deeply prizes loyalty and rarely forgives foes Nike Air Max Sale Clearance , summoned him to his New Jersey golf club last month to interview for secretary of State. After the meeting, Trump was said to be taken by the way Romney “looks the part” of a globe-trotting diplomat, according to people close to the transition process.


In nominating Romney, Trump would be signaling his willingness to heal campaign wounds and reach out to traditional Republicans who were deeply skeptical of his experience and temperament. The president-elect has added at least one other former critic to his team: South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who attacked the businessman for being slow to denounce support from white supremacists Air Max 2018 Sale Clearance , was Trump’s pick to be ambassador to the United Nations.


Trump’s team last week named four contenders for secretary of State, including Romney. The other three are former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Corker and former CIA director David Petraeus. But on Sunday, the Trump camp said the president-elect had expanded the pool of potential candidates. Vice President-elect Mike Pence on ABC’s “This Week” added a fresh reference to former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations “John Bolton or others who may be added to the list” of candidates.


Trump met with Romney again last week over dinner, a remarkable moment of public courtship after which the 2012 nominee addressed reporters and did a stunning about-face on Trump Air Max 2017 Sale Clearance , declaring that the evening with the president-elect was “enlightening, and interesting, and engaging” and that he was optimistic that “America’s best days are ahead of us.”


The reality TV-style auditions have stirred speculation that it could be a Trump-approved attempt to humiliate a prominent Republican who staunchly opposed him throughout the presidential campaign.


“People feel betrayed to think that Gov. Romney, who went out of his way to question the character and the intellect and the integrity of Donald Trump, now our president-elect Air Max 95 Sale Clearance , would be given the most significant cabinet post of all,” said Kellyanne Conway, a senior Trump aide. She said Romney was “nothing but awful” to Trump for a year.


Conway’s opposition to Romney is also said to be shared by Steve Bannon, the controversial conservative media executive who will serve as Trump’s White House senior adviser. And Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House who was an outspoken Trump ally Air Max 90 Sale Clearance , has mocked Romney for “sucking up” to Trump and said he could “think of 20 other people” better suited to be secretary of State.


Not all of the president-elect’s supporters believe that Romney would be a hard sell to Trump’s base. John James, a 55-year-old writer from Cincinnati, said Romney would be “fantastic to represent America” and suggested that “sometimes you need people who don’t agree with you 100 percent because they give a di

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NAIROBI Air Jordan 11 Shoes For Sale , Sept. 14 (Xinhua) — Countries in the Sub-Saharan African region must adopt a new strategic vision that revolves around policy reforms, innovative financing and adoption of new technologies in order to transform their health sectors, experts said on Thursday.


The experts who spoke during the launch of report on status of health in Africa in Nairobi stated that a radical policy shift, visionary leadership Air Jordan 1 Shoes For Sale , research, training and technology adoption are key to transforming the critical sector against a backdrop of a rising disease burden.


Alex Ezeh, the Executive Director of Nairobi-based Africa Population Health Research Center (APHRC), said that a new vision for Africa’s health sector is long overdue to help tackle soaring deaths linked to preventable ailments.


“Though several milestones have been achieved in Africa’s health sector Air Jordan Shoes For Sale , bold actions must be taken now to avoid a relapse into the old order marked by unacceptably high rates of infectious diseases,” said Ezeh.


He was a co-author of the report titled “The path to longer and healthier lives for all African by 2030 published by the Lancet Commission on the future of health in Sub-Saharan Africa.


The report noted that even though Africa’s health sector was grappling with numerous hiccups, there was a chance to reclaim it through application of strategic policy, regulatory and financing interventions.


Ezeh noted that improved governance Jordan 13 Shoes For Sale , capacity development and infrastructural upgrade are key to establishing well-functioning health systems in Africa.


He urged creation of people centered health systems that can respond effectively to both infectious and lifestyle diseases that are responsible for high death rates among Africa’s productive age segment.


African states have an opportunity to revamp their health systems through enactment of robust policies, investments in research and training as well as greater collaboration with private sector.


Professor Nelson Sewankambo, the immediate Principal of Makerere University’s College of Health Sciences, said that strong and accountable leadership Jordan 9 Shoes For Sale , evidence-based research and innovative financing models are required to transform primary healthcare in Africa.


“It is evident that health outcomes in this Continent can be improved through state-led interventions that seek to streamline service delivery at all levels,” Sewankambo remarked.


China, Brunei to boost ties


Surges brought by Typhoon Talim seen in E China


China Focus: World’s oldest panda dies aged 37


Singaporean divers find two bodies of missing crew in dredger accident


Bird’s-eye view of Zibo City in east China


Fire drill held in S China’s Guangxi


China, Pakistan air forces hold joint training exercises


Pic story: Chinese grape and wine expert


BERLIN Jordan 11 Shoes For Sale , Sept. 26 (Xinhua) — The Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Free Democratic Party (FDP) and Greens (Gruene) on Tuesday began laying out their conditions for forming a likely “Jamaica” coalition to govern Germany together in the next Federal parliament (Bundestag).


Ahead of the start of official negotiation talks, CDU vice-chairman Volker Bouffier emphasized the need for the joint faction of the CDU and Christian Social Union (CSU) to take the leading role in a prospective federal government.


“Jamaica can only work when the CDUCSU, the by far strongest faction Jordan 1 Shoes For Sale , is the dominant element,” Bouffier told the Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland (RND). The other parties involved would have to accept their subordinate position accordingly, he said.


In response, the Greens and FDP reiterated their openness to talks with the CDUCSU whilst noting their programmatic differences.


Green party parliamentary speaker Sven-Christian Kindler welcomed prospective political discussions but told the newspaper Heilsbronner Stimme that the CDUCSU and FDP would have to surrender their resistance to more ambitious climate policy Air Jordan 13 For Sale , combating social inequality and a human rights-grounded refugee policy.


FDP vice-president Wolfgang Kubicki showcased a sober realism on the part of his party, pointing to the “large” discrepancies in outlook between the parties of a “Jamaica” coalition.


“Everyone will have to make compromises,” Kubicki told the newspaper Nordwest-Zeitung. He singled out immigration policy and digitalization as areas were the parties involved still clashed. The FDP repeatedly called for a stricter migration regime tailored to the needs of Germany’s labor market on the campaign trail.


Even within the joint conservative faction traditionally formed by the CDU and CSU, divisions have become apparent. CSU representatives said that they could not help but feel deeply affected by the election in which it suffered heavier losses than its CDU sister party.


“The CSU provided voters with guarantees and these included an upper limit on the number of refugees admitted to Germany Air Jordan 9 For Sale ,” CSU secretary general Andreas Scheuer told the newspaper Passauer Neue Presse. His words constituted a thinly-veiled stab at CDU leader Angela Merkel who has consistently ruled out a fixed annual limit.


The CDU, CSU and Greens will all hold internal meetings on Tuesday to determine the make-up of their new parliamentary factions. CDU leader Merkel and CSU leader Horst Seehofer have both proposed renewing the term of Volker Kauder as their parties’ joint parliamentary faction leader.


The CSU must also determine a successor to their current chairwoman Gerda Hasselfeldt, with Seehofer announcing his attention to propose the last government’s transport minister Alexander Dobrindt for the post.


German business representatives have largely been welcoming to the prospect of a “Jamaica” coalition but highlighted the need for a new government to be formed swiftly.


Germany needed a go

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MEXICO CITY Nike Air Jordan 1 For Sale , Aug. 26 (Xinhua) — Mexico’s men’s national basketball team on Wednesday received five uniforms and is now ready to play the 2015 FIBA (International Basketball Federation) Americas Championship, a Pre-Olympic tournament, to begin next Monday in Mexico City Nike Air Jordan 11 For Sale , local media reported.


According to local daily El Universal, in a ceremony held Wednesday in Mexico City, the Director of Mexico’s National Sports Committee (CONADE) Nike Air Jordan For Sale , Alfredo Castillo, gave the team five new uniforms and wished them the best for the Pre-Olympic tournament.


Mexico will play its last training game on next Thursday against Venezuela.


“We feel very proud for having these uniforms. We are going to play Pre-Olympic tournament with a very good image. We have made important progress in the last three years and we expect to have great achievements,” said Sergio Valdeolmillos Nike Jorjdan 4 For Sale , coach of the national team.


Meanwhile, Horacio de la Vega, Director of Mexico City’s Sports Institute Nike Jordan 12 For Sale , said “we are very happy with the organization of the event. The games will be broadcast live. Tomorrow there will be free entrance for the match against Venezuela.”


De la Vega added that all the children under 12 will enter free to all the Pre-Olympic Tournament games, as a way to promote basketball in Mexico City.


The 2015 FIBA Americas Tournament will be held from Aug. 31 to Sept. 12 in Mexico City’s Sport Palace. It is the qualifying tournament for Rio 2016 Olympic Games.


Group A includes Mexico, Panama Nike Jordan 1 For Sale , Dominican Republic, Brazil and Uruguay while group B brackets Canada, Cuba Nike Jordan 11 For Sale , Puerto Rico, Argentina and Venezuela.




HOUSTON, Feb. 9 (Xinhua) — Two workers were injured and another worker went missing Thursday night after a huge explosion occurred at a pipeline near a natural-gas plant in Paradis, west of New Orleans, the largest city in the U.S. state of Louisiana.


Six workers were cleaning a Phillips 66 pipeline near the Williams Discovery natural-gas plant in Paradis when the explosion and fire broke out, and the two injured workers were rushed to a hospital and another worker was still unaccounted for, according to The Times-Picayune, the English daily in New Orleans.


The company also confirmed the accident in a statement, saying that the accident happened at about 7:30 p.m. local time (0130 GMT Friday) and emergency response agencies have responded to the accident.


The pipeline has been shut down but the fire could last for another few hours or days.


Sixty homes within a couple of kilometers of the pipeline have been evacuated as a precaution.




by Xinhua writer Liang Junqian


BEIJING, Feb. 17 (Xinhua) — Japan’s APA Group CEO Toshio Motoya, an extreme right winger, has recently come under international criticism again, and this time it was for his anti-Semitic comments.


In the February edition of the group’s magazine Apple Town, distributed in at least six Coast Hotels in Canada, Motoya equated “international finance capital” with “Jewish capital” by saying that “Jewish people control American information, finance, and laws, and they benefit greatly from globalization because they move their massive profits to tax havens so they don’t have to pay any taxes. Many Jewish people support the Democratic Party.”


The comments sparked condemnation from Jewish groups in Canada. In response to strong resistance by the Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver, Motoya denied being “anti-Semitic” in a statement posted on the Federation’s website and was forced to remove the offending material.


“It is very unfortunate that my writings gave you an erroneous impression that I hold anti-Semitic beliefs,” wrote Motoya. He also promised to remove the magazines.


The hotelier is no stranger to international criticism. But last time, he was tough.


Earlier, the Japanese hotel chain had refused to pull the controversial publication, which denied the Nanjing Massacre, during which hundreds of thousands of Chinese were killed, and the forced recruitment of “comfort women,” from its guest rooms. The hotel defended the publication’s placement on grounds of “freedom of speech.”


Being habitually double-faced and grovelling selectively, Japanese ultra-right wingers’ so-called “freedom of speech” or the alleged “historical outlook” once again show how hypocritical and what a snob they are.


No matter what, the Japanese right-wing community that upsetting the Jewish people and other victims of heinous historical acts has and will inevitably lead to backlash.


In 1995, the Japanese magazine Marco Polo, owned by a major Japanese publisher, ran an article denying the Holocaust entitled “There were no Nazi gas chambers.”


The Simon Wiesenthal Center, an international Jewish human rights group, immediately protested and sent the English translation of the article to companies that advertised in the magazine.


Faced with the possibility of losing advertisement profits, the publisher not only apologized, but even shut down the magazine itself.


Motoya and other unapologetic right-wingers should stop their “shameful” actions. Or their offensive and hurtful statements and acts will make them more discredited and incur stronger backlash.


by Will Koulouris


SYDNEY, May 15 (Xinhua) — Chinese tourists should come to Australia even more Nike Jordan Shoes For Sale , the head of Australia’s tourism body said on Monday.


John O’Sullivan, managing director of Tourism Australia, spoke to Xinhua at a tourism event in Sydney on Monday Air Jordan 4 Retro For Sale , and said Australians are some of the most welcoming people in the world.


“We are saying to the Chinese from wherever you are, wherever you are from, come to Australia Air Jordan 12 Retro For Sale , because we see international visitation and international tourism as a great thing,” O’Sullivan said.


“There have been some markets around the world that have not reacted. Cheap Seahawks Jerseys   Cheap Washington Redskin Jerseys   Wholesale Rams Jerseys   Wholesale Raiders Jerseys   Wholesale Patriots Jerseys   Wholesale Jets Jerseys   Wholesale Saints Jerseys   Wholesale Giants Jerseys   Wholesale Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys   Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys

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BANGKOK Air Jordan 4 For Sale Cheap , July 1 (Xinhua) — Several Thai government agencies have offered to buy rubber in a bid to help contain its plunging prices in the domestic market, according to a senior government official.


Prime Minister’s Office Minister Ormsin Chivapruck said on Friday that 10 government units have already confirmed to buy a combined volume of 20,000 tons of rubber out of a total of 104,000 tons currently kept in government stock.


More government units are expected to follow as the government has called for the extensive uses of rubber in the country’s public and private sectors while the Rubber Authority of Thailand (RAT) planned to raise an estimated 34.3 million U.S. dollars in funding for government bids to bolster the domestic rubber prices Air Jordan 13 For Sale Cheap , Ormsin said.


The combined volume of rubber which is to be bought from the government’s buffer stock and used by varied government units is expected to substantially increase over the following years.


In addition to the RAT, several Thai firms in manufacturing sector which use rubber as main component are expected to contribute to such funds, according to the minister attached to the Prime Minister’s Office.


Rubber can be mixed with asphalt for use in the construction of roads by the Highways Department and the Rural Roads Department as well as the construction of playground surfaces and soccer fields.


The lowly-priced rubber is currently traded for 51.9 baht (about 1.48 U.S. dollars) per kg at Hat Yai central rubber market in southern Thailand. That compared to as much as 80 baht (about 2.28 U.S. dollars) per kg over the last few years.


Meanwhile, Ormsin said he will leave for Malaysia next week to follow up on measures taken by the three-nation Committee on Strategic Market Operation in a bid to bolster the rubber prices which have plummeted and remained on the downtrend in the world market.


Those rubber producing countries Air Jordan 1 For Sale Cheap , namely Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, had mutually pledged to limit export volumes for their respective rubber to refrain from undercutting the prices and take joint steps to keep the world market prices from falling further.


Thailand, one of the world’s three largest rubber producers Air Jordan 11 For Sale Cheap , has exported more than 3 million tons of rubber in a year.


Xi pledges firm commitment to “one country, two systems”


President Xi attends gala show for HK’s 20th return anniversary


Xi meets former HK chief executive Tung Chee-hwa


Xi meets Macao Chief Executive in Hong Kong


China, Kyrgyzstan hold anti-terror drill in Xinjiang


In pics: woodblock movable type printing in C China


Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr worldwide


Plane Pull fundraising campaign held in Vancouver, Canada


DAMASCUS Air Jordan For Sale Cheap , Sept. 4 (Xinhua) — Syrians are feverishly waiting for the decisive match that could see their national soccer team qualify for the 2018 Fifa World Cup in Russia.


The Syrian soccer team is only one victory away from having the high chance of qualifying for the World Cup, which could be the first qualification to such high-profile event in the history of the Syrian soccer team.


Last Thursday, the national team beat Qatar 3-0 in Malaysia, sitting third in the six-team Group A of Asian qualifying.


The national team will play against Iran in Tehran on Tuesday.


The hoped-for winning of the Syrian team against Iran in their final group match coupled with the possibility of the defeat of South Korea by Uzbekistan in the final round would be the magic potion for the Syrian team to secure the second spot and direct entry to the next year’s tournament in Russia.


But if luck ran out in the Tuesday match Jordan 4 For Sale Cheap , the Syrian team still has the chance to hold its third spot and could qualify, but through very difficult two rounds of playoffs.


It’s worth noting that the Iranian goalkeeper has kept a clean sheet in the qualifying phase.


But the stage to which the Syrian footballers have reached in the recent games is against all odds, with the difficulty of the training and the lack of good atmosphere with their country being ripped by a seven-year war.


In Damascus, cafes and restaurants are installing giant screens and maximizing the capacity of their venues to receive the large number of soccer enthusiasts Jordan 13 For Sale Cheap , who are expected to storm the cafes in droves.


Some coffee shops have already become overbooked for the Tuesday event.


The social media websites have also been jam-packed with fans supporting the national team. A Facebook page called Syria Team has over 100,000 followers encouraging the Syrian team.


“Yes we have men challenging the difficulties and everything to bring joy to us and here they are one step from qualifying for the World Cup,” one post read.


“We are with our Syria and if they qualify or not they will remain our heroes,” another post read.


Most of those posting in support of the team pointed out to the victory of the Syrian soccer team despite the lack of the necessary training and preparation Jordan 1 For Sale Cheap , especially that the team hasn’t come together for training.


Video: President Xi Jinping chairs BRICS summit plenary session


Leaders of BRICS countries pose for group photo before summit


Xi, Putin agree to enhance strategic coordination, appropriately deal with DPRK nuclear test


Xi stresses China-Mexico strategic synergy


Autumn scenery of Hunhe River in N China’s Hohhot


Villagers air harvests in south China


Dew drops seen on plant leaves in east China


Fish Dish Festival celebrated in C China’s Hunan


MONTEVIDEO, Aug. 18 (Xinhua) — Uruguay inaugurated on Friday its first fiber optic link to the U.S. thanks to a new underwater cable Jordan 11 For Sale Cheap , announced the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining.


The cable will improve Internet speeds in the country, increase broadband coverage and make Uruguay a regional . Cheap Flames Jerseys   Cheap Devils Jerseys   Cheap Canucks Jerseys   Cheap Capitals Jerseys   Cheap Canada Hockey Jerseys   Cheap Blues Jerseys   Wholesale Texans Jerseys   Wholesale Ravens Jerseys   Wholesale Panthers Jerseys   Wholesale Green Bay Packers Jerseys

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URUMQI Air Jordan 12 Shoes For Sale , June 10 (Xinhua) — A local news portal in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region said Tuesday it will stream all 2014 World Cup matches in the Uygur language, the mother tongue of more than 10 million Uygur residents.


The Brazil World Cup will kick off on June 13 and conclude on July 13.


This is the first time for the portal, ts, to team up with the website of China Central Television, China’s state broadcaster, to provide live streaming of World Cup matches in the Uygur language, the news portal said in a statement.


The move came after the Uygur-language version of the news portal received good feedback on its World Cup-themed video programming earlier in the year.


In January Air Jordan 13 Shoes For Sale , the website started offering 100 World Cup soccer-themed video episodes, with each getting about 146,000 clicks on average.


The website added that it will also feature highlight videos, pictures and news reports on the world’s most widely viewed sporting event in the Uygur language.


RIO DE JANEIRO, March 16 (Xinhua) — Former Brazil international striker Adriano is poised to make his debut for Miami United next month, according to Brazilian media reports.


The April 24 fixture will be a friendly against National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) rivals Las Vegas City, Lancenet reported on Wednesday.


The NPSL is equivalent to US football’s fourth tier.


Adriano Air Jordan 11 Shoes For Sale , who signed with the Florida outfit in January, has not played since representing Brazil’s Atletico Paranaense in the Copa Libertadores in early 2014.


The 34-year-old former Inter Milan star has been training alone in recent months and has reportedly lost about 10 kilograms.


Beset by injuries and personal problems, Adriano has played just 10 matches in the past five years.


by Xinhua writer Guo Shuang


LAS VEGAS, the United States, July 29 (Xinhua) — During the past 20 years since the first Black Hat conference in 1997, the security community, tech industry and the world have been on a wild ride.


No doubt Air Jordan 1 Shoes For Sale , a sea of new technologies and services will rock our world over the next 20 years, which means there will be much more to protect than just computers.


Most conference goers think the world’s top computer security conference acts as a “crystal ball” illustrating future trends. So when the “Hacker Summer Camp” celebrates its 20th anniversary here this week, it may be the right time to think about the question — could we be safer in 2038?




The summer of 1997 was marked by many historical events: the Pathfinder probe landed on the surface of Mars, and IBM’s Deep Blue defeated Garry Kasparov, the first time a computer beat a world champion in a chess match.


The first Black Hat was also created in that summer. At that time, there weren’t a lot of jobs in information security, according to the conference founder Jeff Moss Air Jordan Shoes For Sale , aka The Dark Tangent, who also started another “Hacker Summer Camp” DEFCON, which celebrates here its 25th anniversary this week.


Moss reflected on the early days of the event in his keynote speech this week at Black Hat USA 2017, saying the first conference speaker list was largely just his friends.


Today, the computer security conference provides security consulting, training, and briefings to hackers Air Jordan 12 For Sale , corporations, and government agencies around the world, bringing in over 9,000 attendees from more than 80 countries this year.


However, the harsh reality today, many cybersecurity experts believe, is that the security community hasn’t kept pace with the importance of technology in our society Air Jordan 13 For Sale , even as the stakes have grown higher than ever.


The industry is still in its infancy. Moss noted in his speech that the conference isn’t even old enough to drink in Las Vegas yet.


“I don’ t think we are living up to our potential yet, and some of this is due to deep-seated facets of information security culture,” Alex Stamos, Chief Security Officer of Facebook, said in the keynote speech at the event.


Stamos pointed out many gaps he observed: the security community pays more attention to complex problems, but ignores actual human harm; people in the industry “punish imperfect solutions in an imperfect world;” the community doesn’t engage the world effectively.


“We’re really at the edge of something. I can’t tell you what but I know it’s the edge,” Moss said at the event.




It’s hard to imagine exactly what the information security world would look like in 2038. What can be certain is that threats in cyberspace are increasing.


The 2038 Unix Millennium bug that will drive industry worry on par with Y2K Air Jordan 11 For Sale , major shifts in the way security community deals with Internet of Things devices, cryptocurrency, SSL encryption and national security, Mikko Hypponen, a cyber war veteran and the Chief Research Officer of F-Secure pointed out in a presentation at the event.


Among so many threats to all of us, “I am still really concerned about the scale of botnets,” Moss told Xinhua. “And the Internet of Things would be the catalyst for software liability Air Jordan 1 For Sale ,” he added. A botnet is a network of infected machines that allow hackers to take control of several computers at a time.


Cyber security has no border. However, there are still lots of challenges for cooperating across different communities when addressing issues of international security and cyberspace. “The international cooperation” is very important, Moss told Xinhua.


Hypponen predicted many upcoming developments: cryptocurrency is dramatically changing the landscape related to how law enforcement will chase the bad guys and follow the money; quantum computing is reaching a point where in the very near future it may pose a threat to SSL encryption; humans are also facing greater risks with the rise of IoT devices.


“In 2009, we didn’t even have the Internet of Things … of course. Cheap Czech Republic Jerseys   Cheap Team USA Jerseys   Cheap Team Russia Jerseys   Cheap Pittsburgh Penguins Jerseys   Cheap Tampa Bay Lightning Jerseys   Cheap New York Islanders Jerseys   Wholesale Golden Knights Jerseys   Wholesale Flyers Jerseys   Wholesale Calgary Flames Jerseys   Wholesale New Jersey Devils Jerseys

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HAVANA Air Jordan 12 Shoes For Sale , Oct. 2 (Xinhua) — A book fair opened Thursday in China Town of Havana, capital of Cuba, as part of monthlong events to mark milestones in the friendly ties of the two nations.


The celebrations, which began Sept. 25 and will run through Oct. 24, featured important dates for both nations, including the establishment of diplomatic ties between Cuba and China on Sept. 28, 1960 Air Jordan 1 Shoes For Sale , the birthday of Chinese philosopher Confucius, also on Sept. 28, and the founding of the People’s Republic of China, on Oct. 1.


At a function organized to celebrate China’s National Day at Cuba’s Revolutionary Armed Forces Ministry Wednesday, China’s Ambassador to Cuba Zhang Tuo hailed Sino-Cuba ties as “a model” of cooperation between developing countries.


The vice president of Cuba’s Council of Ministers, Ricardo Cabrisas, said bilateral ties of the two countries were “at a historic peak Air Jordan 11 Shoes For Sale ,” noting “mutual trust and confidence are on the rise, as are points of convergence.”


There are other events to be held too, according to organizers.


On Oct. 9, there will be a tribute to Chinese soldiers who died during the 20th-century independence wars against Spanish colonialism in Latin America, followed by a cultural event for children scheduled to be held at the House of Chinese Arts and Traditions on Oct. 17, as well as another event aimed at marking the 20th anniversary of the creation of the China Town health commission in Havana slated for Oct. 24.


SINGAPORE, Sept. 5 (Xinhua) — Giant pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia celebrated their birthdays and second anniversary in Singapore on Friday Air Jordan Shoes For Sale , according to media reports.


Over 150 guests joined their birthday bash at River Safari and participated in a Panda Lantern Parade to light the way for the future of the endangered species.


Male panda Kai Kai turns seven on September 14, while his female partner, Jia Jia turned six on September 3. The pair of pandas arrived in Singapore on September 6 two years ago. The birthday duo was treated to birthday “cakes” specially designed by students of ITE College West in Singapore.


More than 500 conservation pledges were collected from birthday party guests and members of the public in August, which aims to protect pandas through various ways, from conserving fuel by taking public transport to refraining from using products that may endanger animals.


“In the past two years Kai Kai and Jia Jia have brought much joy to visitors at River Safari and as we celebrate their birthdays, we hope to leverage their popularity to initiate education programs to highlight the threats that pandas face and encourage individuals to take actions to ensure a brighter future for this iconic animal,” Said Claire Chiang Jorjdan 4 Shoes For Sale , chairman of Wildlife Reserves Singapore.


A nursery rhyme book for pre-school children that tells the adventures of the two pandas in Singapore was launched during the birthday bash. Written by five teachers, the book is in the Chinese language to help children learn their mother tongue in a fun and engaging manner.


The birthday bash also kick-starts festivities during Panda Party week from September 6-14, during which visitors can expect a line-up of activities at the Giant Pand Forest.


SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 25 (Xinhua) — North Seattle College said on Friday four college students killed in a head-on collision of their charter bus and an amphibious tour bus were from Austria, Indonesia, Japan and China.


While identities of three victims were released, the name of the fourth fatality was withheld because she was a minor Jordan 12 Shoes For Sale , according to a college statement.


The three identified were Claudia Derschmidt, a 49-year-old female from Austria; Privando Putradanto, an 18-year-old male from Indonesia; and Mami Sato, a 36-year-old female from Japan, the statement said.


The fourth fatality, a Chinese national also with the two-year college’s international program, was under age 18 Jordan 1 Shoes For Sale , it added.


Together with 41 other students and staff members of the school, they were riding on a charter bus along Washington state Highway 99 on Thursday when it was hit by the amphibious tour vehicle on the Aurora Avenue Bridge.


They were supposed to tour two “fun places” in the Seattle area as part of orientation for new students, and their first quarter at the school would have begun on Monday, Sept. 28.


The college said several students remained in critical condition, and other students and a North employee sustained serious injuries.


About 12 km north of downtown Seattle, a major city in U.S. Pacific Northwest, the accredited public college has over 8 Jordan 11 Shoes For Sale ,500 students, including over 1,000 international students from 50 countries around the world. It claims to have been providing classes to international students for over 30 years.


On its website, the school said it has worked with U.S. government officials to assist in contacting the next of kin of the deceased, and it is working to help coordinate and communicate accommodations, travel arrangements and support for the families who lost loved ones.




MINSK, July 11 (Xinhua) — Consumer prices in Belarus increased by 7.4 percent in the first half of 2016 Air Jordan 4 For Sale , the National Statistics Committee of Belarus said on Monday.


In June, the consumer prices rose by 0.4 percent compared with May, the official statistics showed.


Food prices increased by 5.6 percent since the beginning of the year, while non-food products and services jumped by 5.5 percent and 15 percent, respectively, the data showed.


For June, food prices inched up 0.4 percent Air Jordan 12 For Sale , while non-food products and services rose 0.2 percent and 0.8 percent respectively, the data revealed.


The government forecast of socio-economic development for 2016 says the inflation does not exceed 12 percent in 2016.


However, the Belarusian authorities said earlier the inflation would reach 17-18 percent by the end . Cheap Islanders Jerseys   Cheap Golden Knights Jerseys   Cheap Flyers Jerseys   Cheap Flames Jerseys   Cheap Devils Jerseys   Cheap Vancouver Canucks Jerseys   Cheap Washington Capitals Jerseys   Wholesale Canada Hockey Jerseys   Wholesale St.Louis Blues Jerseys   Wholesale Houston Texans Jerseys

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WINDHOEK Air Jordan 10 Shoes For Sale , April 9 (Xinhua) — Namibia coach Ricardo Mannetti on Thursday showed his confidence in his team’s group stage survival at the 2017 African Cup of Nations (AFCON) qualifiers.


The Namibian football team, the Brave Warriors on Wednesday were placed in Group H with Senegal, Niger and Burundi.


Mannetti said that the draw for the 2017 African Cup of Nations (AFCON) qualifiers are fair given the quality of the opposition.


“I think the draw is quite okay. You will get a powerhouse and we got Senegal in our group and Niger and Burundi are not to be taken lightly as well. So it is football and you deal with what you have,” said Mannetti.


Mannetti added that Senegal will be the group favourites but the Brave Warriors will be ready to make their mark.


“We have to respect Senegal as they are a force in African football but on the pitch it will be equal and whoever is better prepared and hungrier for a win than the other will take it. Playing them will be extra motivation for the players and we will be at our possible best,” he said.


On Niger and Burundi, Mannetti said that those games will be equally important.


“We won’t fear anyone in this group and so facing Niger and Burundi will be crucial for us to get all the points we can get home or away. We need to have all our best players at that time available and ready to fight for our place in Gabon next year,” said Mannetti.


Qualifying for 2017 will begin in June with 52 of CAF’s 54 member countries listed to take part.


(Source: Xinhua)


China-US Ping-Pang diplomacy commemorated at headquarters of UN


Scenery of Jianmen Pass in China’s Sichuan


U.S. Air Force stages air show to mark 70th anniversary


3 killed Air Jordan 12 Shoes For Sale , 9 wounded in suicide car bombing in Kirkuk, Iraq


Special snacks displayed during 14th China-ASEAN Expo


Scenery of paddy fields in Baicheng, NE China’s Jilin


China Focus: World’s oldest panda dies aged 37


Scenery of terraced fields at Wuyishan in SE China’s Fujian


TEHRAN, Sept. 14 (Xinhua) — Three Iranian pilgrims were killedand four others injured on Thursday in a car bomb and a gunfireattacks near the city of Nasriyah in Iraq’s southern province ofDhi Qar, an Iranian official was quoted as saying by semi-officialFars news agency.


Two Iranian caravan of pilgrim tours were at the scene of theattack, and there is the possibility of more casualties, MohsenNezafati Air Jordan 11 Shoes For Sale , the official with Iran’s Hajj and PilgrimageOrganization, told Fars. Enditem

Japan’s Karne Hesketh, right, scores the winning try against South Africa during the Rugby World Cup Pool B match at the Brighton Community Stadium, Brighton, England, Saturday Sept. 19 Air Jordan 1 Shoes For Sale , 2015. (Gareth FullerPA via AP) UNITED KINGDOM OUT Japan teammates celebrate scoring a try during the Rugby World Cup Pool B match between South Africa and Japan at the Brighton Community Stadium, Brighton, England Saturday, Sept. 19, 2015. (AP PhotoTim Ireland) Japan’s players celebrate after their victory against South Africa in a Rugby World Cup Pool B match at the Brighton Community Stadium, Brighton, England Air Jordan Shoes For Sale , Saturday Sept. 19, 2015. (Gareth FullerPA via AP) UNITED KINGDOM OUT Japan’s Fumiaki Tanaka passes the ball during the Rugby World Cup Pool B match between South Africa and Japan at the Brighton Community Stadium, Brighton, England Saturday, Sept. 19, 2015. (AP PhotoTim Ireland) Japan teammates and fans celebrate scoring a try during the Rugby World Cup Pool B match between South Africa and Japan at the Brighton Community Stadium, Brighton Air Jordan 10 For Sale , England Saturday, Sept. 19, 2015. (AP PhotoTim Ireland) South Africa’s Lodewyk De Jager scores a try during the Rugby World Cup Pool B match between South Africa and Japan at the Brighton Community Stadium, Brighton, England Saturday, Sept. 19, 2015. (AP PhotoTim Ireland) South Africa’s Lodewyk De Jager makes a break and goes on to score a try during the Rugby World Cup Pool B match between South Africa and Japan at the Brighton Community Stadium Air Jordan 12 For Sale , Brighton, England Saturday, Sept. 19, 2015. (AP PhotoTim Ireland)

BRIGHTON, England — Japan turned its first matchup with mighty South Africa into the biggest shock in Rugby World Cup history on Saturday when the 1,000-1 no-hopers won 34-32.


Nearly four minutes into added time, replacement back Karne Hesketh charged into the edge of the left corner Air Jordan 11 For Sale , the crowd’s roar could probably be heard in Tokyo, and Japan’s players collapsed to the ground in a mixture of joy and disbelief.


The noise level inside Brighton’s compact stadium gradually became deafening as Japan’s screaming red-and-white army of fans and South Africa’s green horde sensed a sensational result when fullback Ayumu Goromaru screeched over into the right corner to make it 29-29 with 10 minutes to go.


“It was amazing at the end, I think even Springbok fans were supporting us … maybe not,” Japan coach Eddie Jones said. “A pretty humbling experience.”


Replacement flyhalf Handre Pollard kicked a penalty to put South Africa ahead 32-29 with seven minutes left.


But after Japan refused to kick for a draw, persistence and ambition was rewarded as the ball was swept from right to left, and Hesketh squeezed through.


“We stuck at it, and had the courage at the end to go for the try … it’s just fantastic Air Jordan 1 For Sale ,” Jones said. “I had to look at the score at the end of the game to see if it was true or not.”


The Springboks scored four tries to flanker Francois Louw, hooker Bismarck Du Plessis, lock Lood De Jager, and replacement hooker Adriaan Strauss, but could never put daylight between themselves and the Japanese.


The 1995 and 2007 World Cup winners looked distraught, and some fell to the floor in disbelief as Japan’s players carrie. Cheap Team Sweden Jerseys   Cheap Team North America Jerseys   Cheap Maple Leafs Jerseys   Cheap Carolina Hurricanes Jerseys   Cheap Anaheim Ducks Jerseys   Wholesale Coyotes Jerseys   Wholesale Canadiens Jerseys   Wholesale Boston Bruins Jerseys   Wholesale Columbus Blue Jackets Jerseys   Wholesale Chicago Blackhawks Jerseys

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Participants are covered in paint as they take part in the Color Run in London June 1 Air Jordan 4 Retro For Sale , 2014. [PhotoAgencies] Participants dance to celebrate after taking part in the Color Run in London June 1, 2014. [PhotoAgencies] Participants pose for a ‘selfie’ photograph as they take part in the Color Run in London June 1, 2014. [PhotoAgencies] Participants are covered in paint as they take part in the Color Run in London June 1, 2014. [PhotoAgencies] Participants are covered in paint after taking part in the Color Run in London June 1, 2014. [PhotoAgencies] 


BEIJING, Feb. 5 (Xinhua) — Most of the top 10 valuable Chinese brands in 2017 are owned by state-owned banks and Internet powerhouses Air Jordan 13 Retro For Sale , according to a report by Britain-based consulting firm Brand Finance.


The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, one of the five banking heavyweights in China, edges China Mobile to top the chart with a brand value estimated at 47.8 billion U.S. dollars, gaining over 10 billion U.S. dollars from 2016 and earning it the 10th place globally.


Alibaba, China’s top e-commerce firm, boasts the most valuable brand among Chinese Internet companies Air Jordan 1 Retro For Sale , having the value surging by 48.5 percent year on year to reach 34.8 billion U.S. dollars.


Tencent ranks the 10th domestically with a brand value of some 22.3 billion U.S. dollars, according to the Brand Finance report which unveiled the top 500 most valuable brands in the world.


Compared with last year, Tencent’s WeChat, the most popular instant messaging app in China, ascended more than 100 rungs up the global value ladder with some 13.1 billion U.S. dollars.


Baidu took a nosedive in the hierarchy by retreating 50 slots globally.


The world’s most valuable brand is claimed by Google, which surpassed Apple with the intangible asset worth some 109.7 billion U.S. dollars.


Gauges used by Brand Finance for the ranking include brand strength Air Jordan 11 Retro For Sale , potential value of brand licensing and prospect sales volume.


?Iranian children pose for photos in front of medium-range missiles on display for the Defense Week in Tehran, Iran, on Sept. 26, 2017. The Defense Week was held here to mark the 37th anniversary of the Iraq-Iran war (1980-1988). (XinhuaAhmad Halabisaz)






Modern manufacturing, transport help six Chinese provinces develop fast


Scenery of terraced fields in Houyuan Village, China’s Fujian


Scenery of high-speed rail networks in south China’s Guangxi


In pics: paddy fields across China


Autumn scenery of Kanas scenic area in NW China’s Xinjiang


10th Pink Ribbon Charity Walk held in Switzerland


Chinese Air Jordan Retro For Sale , Pakistani air forces conduct joint drill


Highlights of 10th China Acrobatics Golden Chrysanthemum Awards


SOCHI, March 12 (Xinhua) — Five days since opening of the Sochi Paralympic Games, Russia has taken a dominant lead on the medal table, winning a record of 16 golds to show its best performance at a Paralympics.


By Wednesday, Russia has 47 medals in total, including 18 silver and 13 bronze. Germany is second with six golds and Ukraine third with three golds and 14 medals in total.


Russian team topped the six 1km sprint events of cross-country skiing at the Laura arena on Wednesday Jordan 4 Retro For Sale , sweeping the men’s standing event but being denied gold in two others.


Roman Petushkov took his fourth individual event of Sochi Paralympics in the sitting sprint as Russia won four events and took its overall gold tally to seven in cross-country.


Canadian Mckeever fell shortly after the start in men’s 1km sprint visually impaired, but managed to come through for his ninth Paralympic gold medal.


Mckeever, guided by Graham Nishikawa, told reporters he wasn’t panic when he stumbled and fell in the 1km visually-impaired cross- country sprint. “There were the instant f-bombs, but once we got up, we realized we were still in the race.”


In women’s 1km sprint visually impaired Jordan 13 Retro For Sale , as expected, Mikhalina Lysova was a comfortable winner of her third gold medal at Sochi, but her first in cross-country.


Lysova said last year she thought the Sochi course was the hardest one for her which was not easy to win, “but we did it,” she said.


Norwegian athlete Mariann Marthinsen took the gold in 1km cross- country sprint sitting. “This gold belongs to the team, the Norwegian team Jordan 1 Retro For Sale ,” she told reporters.


In men’s 1km sprint standing, all six starters are Russian, and Kirill Mikhaylov managed to hold off his teammates to take his first gold medal of Sochi with a time of 3:43.99.


The closest finish of all Wednesday’s finals saw Mariann Marthinsen in 1km sprint sitting, of Norway, who was desperately disappointed with her fourth place in the 12km race, grabbed gold on the line from Tatyana Mcfadden of the U.S. to won her first Paralympic medal in cross-country.


In women’s Slalom standing Alpine skiing event Jordan 11 Retro For Sale , German athlete Andrea Rothfuss won the gold with a time of 1:59.85.


Aleksandra Frantceva, Russia, lead the women’s Slalom visually- impaired event in Alpine skiing. Germany took the lead in women’s sitting event, with Anna-Lena Forster winning the gold.


In the sledge hockey field, Italy battled back from down 2-0 with 12 minutes to go to beat a flagging Sweden 3-2 in overtime, and Czech Republic shut out Korea 2-0 in classification games at Shayba Arena.


At the Ice Cube Curling Center Jordan Retro Shoes For Sale , Russia and Canada secured their spots in Saturday’s semifinals with victories on Wednesday morning, but a quartet of teams still do not know their fate as a swirl of possible scenarios for the last day of the round-robin game.


Britain and Slovakia have two games on tap for Thursday and will be looking to improve upon their 4-3 records. The U.S. and China must win their lone Thursday games and also need Britain and Sl. Cheap Titans Jerseys   Cheap Steelers Jerseys   Cheap Seahawks Jerseys   Cheap Redskin Jerseys   Cheap Rams Jerseys   Cheap Raiders Jerseys   Cheap New England Patriots Jerseys   Wholesale Jets Jerseys   Wholesale Saints Jerseys   Wholesale Giants Jerseys

Wholesale Minnesota Vikings Jerseys



BEIJING, July 29 (Xinhua) — China’s crude oil imports hit a record high in the first half of 2016 despite an economic slowdown, and analysts largely attributed the surge to low prices, not strategic maneuvering.


The country imported 186.5 million tonnes of crude oil in the first half of the year, 23.15 million tonnes more than the same period last year, although imports in June slowed to 30.62 million tonnes from a peak of 32 million tonnes per month in March, April and May.


“Enterprises increased crude oil imports in the first half year as they believe global oil prices have bottomed out,” said Zhu Fang, deputy head of the information and market department of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation.


The oil import jump was also strengthened by policy decisions, as China’s top economic planner set a floor for domestic retail fuel prices in January, said Zhu.


At the beginning of the year, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) declared that domestic retail prices should not be cut if global oil prices fell below 40 U.S. dollars a barrel.


The NDRC said the move was to buffer the negative effects of volatile fluctuations in international oil prices. Previously, it set a ceiling that domestic retail fuel prices would not rise if international oil prices rose above 130 U.S. dollars per barrel.


China also approved more private firms to work in the oil refinery business, which also increased oil imports, said an industry insider at PetroChina, China’s biggest oil producer.


So far, 15 enterprises have gained approval on crude oil imports, with their aggregate quota exceeding 60 million tonnes, according to the NDRC.


NDRC official Zhao Gongzheng echoed Zhu’s opinion, saying that it was the market, including low oil prices, that was causing the growth of crude oil imports.


Zhao dismissed foreign media claims that China was taking advantage of low oil prices to build up its strategic petroleum reserves (SPR).


“China’s SPR has limited influence, so far, on global oil prices in light of its reserve ability and capacity,” said Zhao, adding that it is a long process for China to expand its SPR.


By the end of 2015, China had eight national SPR bases, with a total storage capacity of 180 million barrels of crude, and 26 commercial oil reserve bases with a total storage capacity of 315 million barrels. Additionally, China is building another six commercial bases with a total storage capacity of 57.54 million barrels, according to the CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation) Economics & Technology Research Institute.


China consumed a daily average of 11.97 million barrels of crude oil in 2015, according to an estimate by BP Energy Outlook. That means China’s crude oil reserves, even counting the unfinished commercial bases, would only last for 46 days of consumption, well below the standard stockpiling to cover 90 to 120 days in Western countries such as the United States and Japan, Zhao said.


China’s crude oil output dropped 4.8 percent year on year to 100.45 million tonnes in the first half of 2016, according to NDRC data. Meanwhile, China refined 256 million tonnes of crude oil, up 8.9 percent year on year.


The data showed that China’s oil companies tend to reduce output when there are low crude prices, and import more from abroad.


Sinopec, China’s largest oil refiner, plans to cut production by 7.5 percent this year, while PetroChina aims to reduce output by 4.8 percent.


Zhu warned enterprises of possible operating risks due to inventory backlogs as crude oil faces fresh downward pressure on prices.


China’s economy expanded 6.7 percent year on year in the second quarter, the same rate of growth as the previous quarter, and the lowest quarterly growth since early 2009.


BEIJING Air Jordan 6 Retro For Sale , March 30 (Xinhua) — Chinese authorities have shut down 66 illegally built golf courses, according to a statement from the Ministry of Land and Resources (MLR) on Monday.


The closed courses were found in many provinces Air Jordan 4 Retro For Sale , with three of them in Beijing.


The statement did not specify a time frame during which these facilities were closed, but multiple ministries jointly issued a notice in July last year Air Jordan 11 Retro For Sale , asking for a crackdown on illegally built golf courses.


Monday’s statement praised local governments for carrying out the orders.


Apart from issues including illegal land occupation, golf courses are widely criticized for massive water consumption and environmental damage due to broad use of pesticides and other chemicals.


China had less than 200 golf courses in 2004. In the same year Air Jordan 1 Retro For Sale , the central government announced a halt to new golf projects. However, the number of courses has nevertheless increased to more than 600 over the past decade because local governments viewed them as powerful tourist draws and conducive to urbanization.


LONDON Air Jordan Retro For Sale , Aug. 30 (Xinhua) — Chinese investment offers “a greatopportunity” for both China and London as uncertainties remain overnegotiations on Brexit, senior officials of the City of London saidTuesday.


“We welcome investment from around the world and certainly wewelcome all the Chinese investors Jordan 6 Retro For Sale ,” said Gwyn Richards, the head ofdesign and assistant director of Built Environment Jordan 4 Retro For Sale , toldXinhua.


In a signed article on the Evening Standard last week, ChineseAmbassador to Britain Liu Xiaoming said the investment from hiscountry to Britain is mutually beneficial and win-win for bothsides Jordan 11 Retro For Sale , rebuffing the investment threat allegation.


Liu said that recent British media reports on the so-calledthreats of Chinese investment to British national security is aconfusing mixture of paranoia and exaggerations about China’sappetite to buy out Britain.


“That’s certainly not the City’s position,” said Richards Jordan 1 Retro For Sale , “Wewelcome all the Chinese investors coming to us knocking on ourdoor. Certainl. Cheap Canada Jerseys   Cheap Dallas Cowboys Jerseys   Cheap Indianapolis Colts Jerseys   Cheap Kansas City Chiefs Jerseys   Wholesale Cardinals Jerseys   Wholesale Denver Broncos Jerseys   Wholesale Buffalo Bills Jerseys   Wholesale Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys   Wholesale Chicago Bears Jerseys   Wholesale Minnesota Vikings Jerseys